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Flat Aluminum & Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Street Signs • Cast Aluminum Street Signs

Note: Signs DO NOT come pre-drilled. Custom signs are NOT returnable. Price quotes valid for seven days.


Stop Signs

Stop Sign Style 1

Custom Aluminum Stop Signs

Add your phrase below "STOP" to customize your sign.

Serious or silly!

Size Price
18" x 18" $90
24" x 24" $125

Custom Aluminum Stop Sign

Stop Sign Style 2

3M Scotchlite High Intensity Reflective Sheeting Stop Signs

High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting is a durable prismatic sheeting which is designed to be at least three times brighter than Engineer Grade sheeting when new.

HIP Sheeting is clearly visible, even at wide angles to the sign and in lighted areas, warning drivers effectively of upcoming road hazards.

High Intensity Grade
18-inch $50
24-inch $85
30-inch $105
36-inch $155

Order High Intensity Grade Stop Signs

Stop Sign Style 2

3M Scotchlite Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting Stop Signs

Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting is a cube corner reflective sheeting. This means greater visibility for drivers in all roadway conditions. It performs at entrance angles up to 60 degrees, allowing wide flexibility in sign placement. Diamond Grade Sheeting provides the brightest reflective performance of any durable sign sheeting available.

Diamond Grade
18-inch $70
24-inch $115
30-inch $140
36-inch $250

Order Diamond Grade Stop Signs

Stop Sign Style 2

Stop/Slow Paddles

  • Designed for construction zones or school crosswalks
  • Double Faced, reflective, 18" x 18" signs
  • Available in plastic stop signs for lightweight and easy handling
  • Optional 12" wood handle
Size High Intensity Diamond Grade
18-inch $55.00 $137.50
24-inch $82.50 $190.00
12-inch wood handle $16.50

Order Slow/Stop Paddles