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Flat Aluminum & Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Street Signs • Cast Aluminum Street Signs

Note: Signs DO NOT come pre-drilled. Custom signs are NOT returnable. Price quotes valid for seven days.


Custom Aluminum Street Sign Builder

For sign builder modern browser is required Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Currently no mobile support

We offer custom aluminum street signs in two variations: Flat Aluminum Signs and Extruded Aluminum Signs

View more info on these types below

Custom Flat Aluminum Street Signs

Flat aluminum signs are the standard for official street signs, offering a simplistic, yet distinguished, look.


  • Cost effective
  • Classic look
  • Rounded corners
Flat aluminum street sign example

Custom Extruded Aluminum Street Signs

Extruded aluminum street sign example

Extruded aluminum signs are stronger than traditional flat aluminum street signs and have a distinguished profile in comparison.


  • Superior strength
  • Great for windy locales
  • Distinct profile